I guess "What we're about" is best summed up by this article that was published about the Posse


Here we come ... Walking down the street ... We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet!!!

Introducing the Psycho Clown Posse a.k.a. P.C.P. This is the wackiest and most fun group of paintballers in a long time. These guys are known as the Anti-Tournament team. In that they play tournaments, scenarios, walk-on games and everything else in the way that they were meant to be played ...Fun!

This team strives for good sportsmanship, comradery and fun. This team plays it all, ... Tournaments, scenarios, rec-ball, big games and benefits. If it's paintball, you can expect to see or hear those crazy Clown horns honking at any paintball function.

The team is currently 21 players and steadily growing. (The youngest player being 13 and the oldest 50)
The team was envisioned and is captained by a man called Rock, also known as Rockzilla. He got together with another player named Pogo (Toby) with the simple philosophy that we will play fair and play hard and we will wear really stupid uniforms. Hence the Clowns were born.

At first glance, people thought the Clowns were simply a joke, until they witnessed them play, and found that these guys can ball right up there with the rest.
But something else was evident. These guys were truly ambassadors to the sport of paintball. They were approachable and friendly, who would gladly lend a helping hand or advice, tools, even paint to anyone who needed it. Many times, you could witness them giving away promotional items for whatever field they were playing at, or various other functions, such as flyers, lanyards, passes and gear. When was the last time you saw a noteworthy team doing that?

Not to mention, these guys love to goof off with the public. With their crazy Clown horns and antics, these guys could win over the heart of the Grinch.

In the Scenario game "The Warlords" where Bud Orr of WGP and his team "The Warlords" faced off against Tom Kaye and The Mag Masters, the Clowns not only helped the Mag Masters win, but also T.P'd Bud Orrs Command headquarters in the wee hours of the night. Bud said he'd never laughed so hard! Moreover, the kids loved them. These men in Clown gear were like rock stars to the kids, and even a lot of the adults.

The next time you hear "Honk, Honk" ... Look over your shoulders, because the Psycho Clown Posse may have rolled into your field.

The Psycho Clown Posse are currently sponsored by Mindragon, who have graciously donated as much web space as the Posse can fill up with all this nonsense, and PaintballPhotography.com, Where there's always a Clown or 2 to contend with. Also, I've been told that many of their wives sponsor the teammates.

[end Quote]

Need a cost effective promotion to bring in the profits and players at your field? Contact the Clowns for a "Shoot the Clowns" day at your field. Ask Giovanni or Dennis how profitable it was for them at their field (Hollywood Sports) in Bellflower, California.

Anyone interested in contacting or sponsoring P.C.P. can contact us at Contact or Psycho Clown Posse web site
Clown equipment consists of a variety of markers, such as VFT Tacticals, Karnivores, Black Magics, Snipers, Vertebrate’s, Angels, CCM's, Tippmans, twinkie launchers and clown horns, as well as any other off the wall or tricked out type of equipment you can imagine.

Special Ops equipment : Paintball Bazookas, mortars, night vision scopes, smoke grenades, paint grenades, Motorola hand radios, starlight barrel lights, all terrain scooters, silly string, whipped cream pies and lots of toilet paper for those midnight T.P. assaults runs ...

You been clowned!!


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